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The latest scaffold sheeting printing methods quickly turn the sides of a building into giant ‘billboards’, offering you the world’s largest advertising medium to promote your business. What’s more, the cost compares favourably to other high profile advertising media – particularly when you take long-term visibility and durability into account.

Whether you’re designing, developing, redeveloping, letting or contracting on a building there’s never been an easier way to realise the huge marketing potential of its structure.

• Creatively flexible, carrying anything from simple logos to sales messages and images.
• Full colour imagery available.
• Initial design visual can be supplied from your logo or artwork.
• Monarflex Scaffold Sheeting can turn the sides of a building into an internet connected sales generation tool for your business or your clients business.

DigiWrap printing allows you to wrap any building in a powerful, highly visible message. The printed surface has exceptional all weather performance and will normally last at least 6 months, maximising your investment.

• No minimum order quantity allows you to order one-off rolls of promotional sheeting.
• Virtually unlimited image sizes can be printed up to 3m wide rolls.
• High speed service.

The following products can be digitally printed:
• Monarflex Stripe FireSmart Scaffold Sheeting.

• Monarflex FireSmart Super T Plus Scaffold Sheeting.

• Monarflex Airflow FR Containment Netting.

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