8620kg M.B.S Ratchet Loadbinder Kits with Latch Hooks

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£65.99£105.24 ex VAT

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8-10mm Ratchet Loadbinder Kit with Latch Hooks

Kit supplied with the following:-

1x 8-10mm Ratchet Loadbinder

Fitted with Grab Hooks for easy connection

Quality Ratchet Mechanism

Handle Length 355mm

Take up / Adjustment 203mm

Lashing capacity: 2450kg

Minimum breaking load: 8620kg

2x 10mm G8 Clevis Latch Hooks

WLL: 3150kg

Supplied with Load and Retaining Pins so Hooks can fit easily on the Chain

1x length of 10mm G8 Chain

10mm diameter

Breaking load: 12600kg

Available in 3mtr, 4mtr, 5mtr, 6mtr, 8mtr & 10mtr lengths


10 mtr, 2 mtr, 3 mtr, 4 mtr, 5 mtr, 6 mtr, 8 mtr

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